Love Radio's Nicole Hyala & Chris Tsuper - Biyaheng Jeepney  


Ivory Music & Video teams up for the very first time with 90.7 Love Radio via the HEY TAMBALAN NA! D’ Nakakalurkei! Na Album featuring Love Radio’s famous duo of Balasubas at Balahura a.k.a. Chris Tsuper and Nicole Hyala. Everybody who listens to Love Radio 90.7 in the mornings is of course familiar with The Tambalan of Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper.

Everyday all across the metro, people start off their day on a happy note listening to the wackiest radio program around. By now listeners are very familiar with the intro of “Tambalan Naaa! Si Nicole Hyala po, ang balahurang classmate nyo! Boses ko pa lang pang-almusal nyo na, at si Chris Tsuper, ang balasubas na kambyo king! Sigla ng tawa ko pati bangkay nagigising! Dito sa tambalang pilit na ginagaya ngunit di makuha ang timpla!” And true enough; they are number one across the land. Credit that to the non-stop laughs you’ll get when listening to the Tambalan show, a comedy / info drive / advice / shout out program which features the duo’s quick-witted, albeit zany quips and quotes, the center of which is Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper. Now you can listen to them every hour of the day by buying their album wherein your favorite duo sings! A new addition to their repertoire! On top of what you’ve grown to love from this hilarious duo. One of the more popular segments of the Nicole Hyala-Chris Tsuper show is the TAMBALAGTASAN where the innocent and commonplace vernacular (Pinoy, regional or otherwise) gets a naughty and hilarious twist.

“D’ Nakakalurkei” album includes the best TAMBALAGTASAN to have been featured in their program, and if you’ve laughed out loud the first time you’ve encountered the words Agpapukis, Keki or Pukiyi make sure to check out “D’ Nakakalurkei” album to find out more about it. “HEY! TAMBALAN NA! D’ Nakakalurkei! Na Album” includes 12 tracks, 6 of these are the songs “Tambalan” , “Shalala” , “Jowadik” , “Ka-Chervahan” , “Nakakalurkei” and the first single to banner the duo’s budding singing careers, “Biyaheng Jeepney”.

As the famous Tambalan life-affirming saying goes: “Una magdasal ka para mabuhay ka, pangalawa mag-toothbrush ka para mabuhay ang iba!” It would also help if you buy their album, a good healthy dose of laughter goes a long way as Nicole and Chris is would say. It’s Tambalan Na! At its best! An album that’s enjoyment guaranteed.

Hey Tambalan Na! D’ Nakakalurkei! Na Album is available at all record outlets nationwide. “Piraters and downloaders beware!” Warns Nicole Hyala “Ang mamirata at magdownload, mababaog!”

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